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After a breakfast it is back into the mini bus and we drive back to Cairo. The 3 hour drive thru the desert seems to take forever, and there is nothing much to do except watch the desert pass by. The highway is smooth going and at least today it isn't sweltering hot!

We stop at a restaurant complex for lunch. It is actually really nice, and it does feel good to stretch the legs.

We enter the familiar suburbs of Cairo but instead of going to the hotel, we head to the Islamic parts of the city, the Frenetic back streets of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

The parks just in front of a huge Mosque, the streets are filled with people and you can smell the spices in the air.

Cairo Mosque!
The older version I'm guessing!

Mo guides us thru the market. the buildings are old and quite ornate. The Domes and Minarets fill the skyline. The sandstone used to construct most of these buildings make them look like decorated, well... sandcastles!

Cairo Skyline!

The street vendors tables are packed with souvenirs. It is so crowded that we easily loose site of each other, luckily I have my trusty wives of Mohammad to keep me from getting lost!

Believe me they sell everything from carpets to trinkets, I am excited to have a look around!

Entering the crowded Bazaar!

Why are we going so quickly we hardly have time to stop and browse, even the shop owners don't get the chance to entice us in!

Another main street opens up, and Mo takes us past little side alleys filled with vendors.

The Bazaar has an old world feel to it, which is not surprising since it has been here the 10th century!

What's in there?!

Mo takes us to 'Perfume Street' and we turn off down an alley and climb up a set of rickety wooden stairs... ummm... is this safe?

The second floor looks down into a courtyard and little shops displaying their goods line the veranda.

We find ourselves in a long narrow shop filled with trinkets, ah now I see why we came here, shelves of Egyptian glass line one wall! They are so delicate and beautiful, the smell of spices and flowers fill the air.

I wait for the others to come out as we don't all fit in the tiny store, and yes I make a wee purchase! The store owner wraps it really well. I hope I can get it back home without it breaking!

You would buy one too!

We get back to what is one of the main streets and walk thru to what is the Bronze Market. The buildings are so fantastic, a remnant of Egypts past.

The Sandstone buildings are sadly ruined by the unsightly... and as my Dad would say "bloody dangerous' electricity wires and antenna. But when you look past all that you see how beautiful they are, delicately carved window frames and decorative features carved into the stone.

Must have quite a beautiful place before modern society took over!

Look past the chaos...!

Walking thru archways to narrow streets lined with bronze pots, lamps, plates and jugs, they hang everywhere... even above our heads.

Admittedly most of them need a good clean!

Bronze everywhere!
Genie Sized!

For a country whose history once revered the cat as a guardian, they don't care much about them now. Stray cats are everywhere, some are even sleeping on the displays, at least these ones look healthier than my friends back at the hotel!

Aww... so cute!
Sorry I don't have anything to eat!

The further thru the market we go the more you see of Egypts past. The buildings really start to look like decorated cakes!
The carved out details on the turrets and domes are lovely. You can almost imagine yourself stepping back in time!

Amazing Architecture when you look around...
... to see the beauty!
The details are fantastic!

The lattice work over the windows is fantastic, and the roofs look like someone used a piping bag and decorated them with icing!
You can't help but look up!

Wonder when these were built?!
12th or 14th Century?!
Love the details on those windows!

Some of the wooden features have been restored, the shutters and balconies, some painted blue to add a spot of color to the beige sandstone.
I am so busy looking up I almost get left behind.

Now that's a balcony, way cooler than mine!
Keep looking up!

We come to what was once an entrance gate "the Wikala al-Qutn" it is has been carved with what looks like Islamic symbols or writing. Street vendors are set up all along the narrow street.

Entrance gate and remains of the Wikala al-Qutn

Behind heavily laden tables of tourist trinkets the shops themselves are actually beautifully decorated with wooden cared lattice work and etched glass.

Beautiful old shops....
... with all the tourist trinkets!
Some not so appealing![i]

In the past this was the trading center of Cairo, merchants would travel from far and wide to sell their goods.

With the expansion of Cairo and it's growing population in the 14th century It become so crowded with make shift market stalls that the Sultan and the authorities were having difficultly regulating or controlling their activities, so areas were progressively replaced by fixed stone structures with built-in spaces for individual shops.

[i]Once a thriving trading center...

... now one of Cairos main tourist spots!

This meant the authorities could impose greater control on commercial activities, fixed structures could be counted, taxed, and regulated more easily.

These types of buildings were centered around an inner courtyard, like where we visited the perfume shop. Merchants could store their goods, while the upper levels were used as living quarters. Their street facades typically had spaces for shops at ground level.

This is lovely little corner!

Today many crafts workshops continue to operate within the bazaar and in the surrounding districts as they did in the past, manufacturing some of the products sold here.

More architectural history!

After wandering thru the streets, we seem to have lost Mo somewhere, we find were at another gate or entrance, it has a beautifully carved vaulted ceiling with this little shutters that seem to have no purpose but as decoration. A street vendor has set up shop on the stairs and when i stop for a photo... ah there it is... the sales pitch! No, thanks, more interested in the arch!

Bab al-Ghuri, the ornate southern gate!

I feel like we have turned around on ourselves but luckily Hanny knows where she is going, I would never find my way back on my own this place is like a maze!

We sit and have a cold drink while we wait for the others.

On the bus and to our surprise the driver has to maneuver thru the narrow streets of the market and make a turn that seems impossible. How he did this without knocking over a display or running over a local... who by the way don't care about the giant bus coming their way and just walk in front of it as if it isn't there. Not to mention how he managed to get out onto the road that is so packed with traffic that even the fire trucks with their lights flashing are at a stand still!

We finally get back to the hotel, with bags dumped in our rooms I head down for a coffee and my little furry friends come out of hiding for a visit. I give them what is left of my sandwich and more come out of hiding!

My furry little friends!

There is one little fella that is crossed eye making him visually impaired and it breaks my heart... I actually get online to see what the regulations are about bringing a cat into Australia, but animals from Egypt are forbidden, I seriously would have arranged to bring him home.

Wish I could bring you home with me!

When I see the little fluffy kitten that is so skinny and has scares all over his face, I look up Cairos version of A.C.E (the animal welfare center we visited in Aswan) and send them an email with the details of the cats, their injuries and location. I feel like there is something more I should do, I really hope they do something to help them.

Poor baby...
Such a pretty little girl!
I hope they come to help!

There is a little supermarket down the street so I pop down and by a box of cat biscuits with my shopping and feed them out of the way from the prying eyes of the hotel staff.

I meet up with the wives and we head out for dinner. After a bit of a debate we choose the simple and safe option, when you drive past slabs of meat hanging out in the open under the motorway bypass you really think about what and where to get your food!) and head back to McDonalds!

Yeah I know but it isn't far, to be honest I have never eaten so much of the stuff before but at least you know what your getting!

We head back to the hotel and chat for a while in the girls room. I leave them in peace and head to bed. Tomorrow we have along drive to our last city stop on the tour.

I just wish I could sleep, I don't know why I am so restless! So I sit on the balcony for a while and watch the crazy Cairo traffic. the car horns don't stop not even during the night.

Finally I head back to bed, jezz I hope I can sleep on the bus tomorrow... 2am and still awake!

OCTOBER 30TH 2019 DAY 19

After a really bad nights sleep and many cups of coffee this morning we swap our lovely bus for a mini van.

Leaving Cairo behind we head north to Alexandria. I doze on and off as we drive thru the desert.

We stop for lunch and snacks along the way and it is mid afternoon by the time we reach the outskirts of Alexandria. The drive into the city center isn't as complicated as the wide streets make it easy.

The sparkling Mediterranean Sea comes into view and the locals are out strolling along the water front, or simply sitting on the stone wall, some even have picnics with them... how chilled!

Our hotel is on a side street off the main square. Trams are the local public transport and there is a stop just around the corner.

The Misr Hotel is tucked away down a side street above an office complex. The ancient lift, that looks like it has seen better days opens up to the top floor. When you walk it is like stepping back in time, the old world charm of the place is a lovely surprise! An old wooden staircase and Queen Victoria style sofas fill the room. The staff are wonderfully friendly!

The Misr Hotel reception area!

To be honest this is the best hotel yet! The room actually lives up the expectation set by the reception area! Modern, a bit small but it has a clean bathroom with a fantastic shower.

Our Room!

The view from the large windows is the busy street below and if you look to the left a bit you can see the waterfront and how sprawling the city is, as it stretches around the bay!

The View to the right...
... view a little to the left...
... and of sprawling Alexandria!

I meet up with the wive and we head out for a walk along the waterfront. But first we have to cross the streets... yeap the traffic, although not as bad as Cairo! Once again Zoe takes the lead and bravely leads us thru the chaos.

We cross to a grassed garden with a statue of Saad Zaghloul who led a civil disobedience campaign with the goal of achieving independence for Egypt and Sudan from British rule in 1922. He served as Prime Minister of Egypt from 26 January 1924 to 24 November 1924 when he resigned!

The statue of Saad Zaghloul!

We make it across the main street that follows the shoreline. It is really nice, vendors with their little carts are selling snacks, ice creams and drinks.

Old colonial buildings mix with the traditional Arabic architecture which gives the city a collectic vibe. Like most of the cities here a lot of the buildings need TLC but unlike Cairo the streets are clean, I guess the workers aren't on strike because the local government won't pay the union "fees or as Mo puts union "bribes"

Old World Charm!

We do a U turn and walk towards the university quarter, it is such a beautiful afternoon, the Mediterranean sea breeze cools the air down. People are chilled, it seems to have a relaxed vibe... must be the sea air!

The wives of Mohammad and the Mediterranean!

The University complex backs on the Alexandria Library, date trees line the street and they are choker full of bunches of red dates. They are quite amazing... saying that you wouldn't want to be walking underneath when the fruit drops!

Dates, Dates and...
... bunches of Dates!

This part of the city is very modern with glass art work decorating the side walk. I am actually quite surprised by Alexandria, it is very different from Cairo, people here seem to be used to seeing westerners they don't stare at us like they have in the other towns and cities, considering they are more touristy.

The University Quarter!

We stop at the Movenpic Cafe which has a great view of the bay. We treat ourselves to Caramel Ice Lattes... OMG it is bloody delicious, so decadent... and so worth the calories!

Afternoon decadence with the girls!
Caramel Ice Lattes.. YUM!

After treating ourselves we slowly make our way bake to the hotel. Like the locals we stop and sit on the stone wall that lines the shoreline. It is nice just to relax and watch the scenery as the sun sets, it has been quite a jam packed itinerary, always on the go.

Relaxing with the locals!

Fishermen in their little boats sail across the bay as the sun dips behind the city landscape turning the sky a beautiful gold... no wonder it was a color favored by the Pharaohs if the dusk was like this everyday.

Alexandria Sunset!

We head back in the direction of the hotel, Mo has given us a tip for a place to eat and once again Hanny and Zoe find the way. It isn't easy, as the entrance is kinda hidden in one of the small back streets... well done ladies!

It isn't fancy but the roof top dining has a great view of the bay. We find our own table and a waiter brings us a menu. The options are quite good, some local dishes which I have no idea what they are, as well as western... hmmm roast chicken... yeap that will do!

The place seems very popular with the locals, we are the only tourists here. After a good meal and cold drinks we head back to the hotel.

I still don't trust the lift, but buggered if I am climbing 5 flights of stairs.

The girls head to the restaurant and I head to bed after last nights sleepless night I crash out early!

OCTOBER 31ST 2019 DAY 20

I am one of the last ones to make it for breakfast, slept so well. Today unlike the other hotels there is no buffet to this morning, it's a served breakfast... coffee please! Oh OK both!

Breakfast with a view!

We head out for the bus, today we are visiting the El Alamein War Museum and the Commonwealth Cemetery.

It is quite the drive to get there. As we enter the outer suburbs we pass a circus and it breaks my heart to see the caged animals... that should so be banned worldwide!

The museum and the cemetery are out in the desert and we arrive by late morning.

First stop of the day!

We park out front and the collection of tanks and guns are the first thing you see. Standing amongst them is a wonderful peace memorial dedicated to all the soldiers lost in the unnecessary second world war!

Unnecessary weapons of war!
Thought this was quite beautiful!
The lovely peace memorial!

The museum is modern, light and cool. The exhibits represent each country that Egypt fought along side in world war 2. As part of the allied forces in a desert campaign that saw the needless deaths on both sides.

Desert front lines!

Along with Britain New Zealand, Australia and many other countries have a dedicated display honoring the men... well boys really, they were all so young.

Honoring the fallen New Zealanders!
The losses!

Sad doesn't begin to describe it... how have we not learnt from our blood soaked past.

The treaty that ended the war... sadly not future ones!

Outside I wander around the military hardware that is on display, but I will admit planes and tanks are not my thing... death machines don't really interest me! They make me sad, no angry that families lost loved ones because of greed and prejudice!

Military hardware...!
Memorial wall!

Once everyone is back at the bus we drive a little further out into the desert to the El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery.

El Alamein!

Climbing up the steps you enter thru a large archway, row upon row of headstones stretch out in front of you.... there is just so many!

So many lives lost!

They have put them into sections that represent where they come from. Australia, Canada, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America... the list goes on...

The sad truth of war!

I find where the New Zealand soldiers are, they have done them proud. A curling silver fern adorns the headstones a long with their name, age, rank, birth date and when they passed away, it's just so tragic.

New Zealand Soldiers!

I take my time to read all the names... they were just boys some as young as 18. I think of my brother at their age and how lucky we are that our generation didn't have live thru this, and the poor families who lost sons, fathers, brothers...

Someones family!

There is a gazebo at one end of the cemetery and after wandering around for a while I sit in the shade and stare at the loss.

I know that the campaign in North Africa played a significant role in ending world war 2. The Allies held out against the advancing Afrika Corps of Rommel, it was a long and bloody fight which turned into victory for the Allies, it was their first victory of the war.

Knowing this doesn't make it any less upsetting, reading all those names on the hundreds of headstones. I can't believe the world hasn't learnt from all this death and wars are still being waged over land, for religion and for power, humans can be so stupid and selfish!

Back on the bus we head back to the city, we drive a long the water front to the Qaitbay Citadel where the once great lighthouse of Alexandria once stood before it was destroyed by a n earthquake.

Mo organizes our tickets and while we wait people are staring at us, you would think they have never seen westerners before.

Entering thru the main gate built into the large outer defense wall a large courtyard opens little gardens lead up to the fortress which stands dominant in one corner. The outer wall is built directly at the edge of the sea cliff, the perfect set up to defend a city!

Qaitbay Citadel!

A bus load of school children have arrived and as we are walking up the steps of the citadel, we are... for use of a better word mobbed! They want to have their photos taken with us.

Hanny and Zoe have it the worst, their blonde hair is like a magnet!

Just when you think your all done with one group you take another few steps and and another group of girls taps you on the shoulder! It becomes a little exhausting to be honest. I don't know how famous people do it!

Once inside the citadel wide open halls open open up with large vaulted ceilings. The corridors lead to more vaulted rooms with arched door frames and little windows, just big enough to shoot from but not be shot back at!

What's with the dead end?!
The main corridor!

There is a little mosque, which is the oldest in Alexandria. the little naval museum has relics from sunken ships of war, some dating back to the Romans.

It is quite a climb up the stairs of one of the towers, looking out of the slit windows the Mediterranean glistens below... wow that's quite a drop, wouldn't want to fall!

Citadel Courtyard!

After walking around the sea defense wall I meet up with Hanny and Zoe, once again we are mobbed by school children, lucky for me they are more interested in them.

We finally make our way outside to the bus and there is a debate as to where to eat lunch, most of the group stays and has lunch from the market stalls set up along the road.
The wives and I hitch a ride on the bus to Alexandrias most famous seafood restaurant. Celebrities from all over the world have eaten have eaten here, and the collage of photos in the entrance is proof, some I recognize, politicians from the middle east others not so much!

It has a fantastic view of the Citadel and the bay, and our table is right by the window. We are given menus and at first it is a little confusing, but the waiter explains how it works. You choose from the buffet... which is a seafood lovers dream!... then you pick how you want it cooked and which sides to go with it... simple!

What to have... what to have?!

After some Umming and Arrining... hey it's not an easy decision you know! I go for fresh grilled calamari and prawns, with lemon butter fish fillet!

While we wait for our main course fresh warm bread and dips are brought out with our drinks.

The food is fantastic, just love fresh seafood!

The restaurant view of the Citadel!

With full bellies we walk back to the hotel. The late afternoon commute has begun and the streets are busy. the street vendors are out people are relaxing on the sea wall... seems to be a popular hangout!

We pass a memorial dedicated to the unknown naval soldiers who lost their lives in the sea battles.

Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial!

Just like last night we sit on the sea wall with the locals and enjoy the cool evening air. Once again Egypt puts on another spectacular golden sunset sunset!

Another glorious sunset!

As we head back to the hotel a group of men are doing their evening prays in the middle of a market square, we stop to watch for a bit.

I say goodnight to the girls and head off to bed, not feeling too great a bit queasy to be honest, probably just tired, a full belly will do that!


I just can't seem to get going this morning. So for breakfast I stick with eggs, bread and copious amounts of coffee!

It's back on the bus and we are given our lunch box for the day ahead.

This morning we drive to thru the back streets of the city to the Catacombs of Kom al Shoqafa. This little site is in the middle of high rise suburbia.

It may not be a grand temple, here they found remnants of the Roman Empire that once reigned the country, even the Greeks put their stamp on the place.

A hidden Gem!

As you head thru the gate fantastic Roman frescoes have been put on display, the human faces and central figure are well... quite life like.

Well isn't that... tiny

There are these really fantastic lion heads with wide gaping mouths, once use as water spouts they make me chuckle!

Happy fella... aren't ya!

To the right is a little Roman Chapel, but inside the colorful artwork is an Egyptian burial scene, here the 2 cultures have blended together. The typical gods are depicted on all 3 walls, Horus in falcon form, the wings of Isis and of course it wouldn't be a burial without Anubis!

A peek inside!
The painting style is different!
Roman depiction of Horus!

Just to think this little gem would never have been found if a poor unfortunate donkey hadn't accidentally fell down one of the shafts leading to the catacombs in 1900, jezz I hope it survived the fall!

We head across the open area and climb down into the catacombs, the stairs wind down large open circular shafts, it is quite a way down, and the view up is impressive! Even the large hooks used as a pulley system are still intact!

So that's how they got stuff down!
Hey, hey there Hanny!

The shaft leads to maze of tombs even the roof has been decorated kinda like a shell.

That's a ceiling!

Entering the principal tomb the entry is decorated with typical Roman columns, but these are topped with an Egyptian lotus bloom, the mix of the 2 cultures is fantastic the Roman sun disc with the wings of Horus and a ornately carved snake decorate each side of the entry... that snake looks very imposing!

Entrance to the first decorative tomb... must've been wealthy!
Not in any way menacing!

Inside the tomb on the back wall is a mummification scene, Anubis is weighing the organs, Osris and Toth are each holding a canopic jars, but they are all wearing Roman style robes and the departed is on a lion headed table, it is quite the scene... really don't know how I feel about this whole mummification process, organs in jars!

The back wall inside the tomb!
Mummification Scene!
Anubis preforming the mummification ritual!
Osris, not only god of the underworld but the big boss!
Thoth god of wisdom took note at every mummification process!

There is a second richly carved tomb Isis spreads her wings over Apis the bull worshiped ancient Egyptians as a holy deity, even the Romans thought it important to sacrifice a bull or calf to appease their gods. The blending of two cultures in one scene!

The second large chamber...!
... is Isis worshiping or sacrificing Apis?!

Carved onto the wall at each side of the tomb are two very Roman looking Egyptian gods one looks like Anubis but the muscular depiction of him makes it confusing to tell and the other could be Sobek or Seth it is really hard to tell, oh well they both look really... manly and buff!

I think that is a Roman looking Anbus...
... that is either Sobek or Seth!

It really is like a maze down here! Each corridor has row upon row of open tombs dug into the walls. These aren't decorated, I guess this is where the commoners were buried!

Oh hey... Tracy!

After exploring the tombs you end up in this room with a glass case filled with bones... is that a leg? Oh wait the inscription says they are horses found with their owners!
Oh, I knew the Romans valued their horses... but to be buried with them, now that shows devotion!

Box of bones!

We make our way up the winding stone staircase and wait outside for the group to gather, so I wander around taking in the small details of the stone remnants having time to take in all the delicate details.

I really love how they blended the 2 cultural styles, it's kinda neat when you think about!

Hieroglyphs at the base of a Roman Statue!
The delicate details are fantastic!

Once everyone is back in the bus we head back to the waterfront. The drive back takes us thru side streets and bustling suburbs. Life here is so different, sort of old worldly.

Men sit outside cafes sipping tea and playing dominoes. Cars mix with piled high bicycles that slowly avoiding cars and motorbikes.

And they say women like to sit around gossiping!

Vendors have goods stacked outside shops from bales of wool to shoes, while street carts get set up for the thirsty and hungry.

Setting up shop!
Getting ready for the lunch rush!
Shoes for sale!
A bit of... well everything!

Walls are colorfully decorated with what look like Christmas decorations... they really love their signage it is everywhere covering store fronts and any empty space to advertise... well only they know!


The streets change from narrow and crowded to wide and ornate. It is almost as if the suburbs are tucked away from tourist eyes hiding the hectic true lifestyle of the locals.

How the locals live!
The closer to the waterfront the more ornate the architecture!

The difference is quite remarkable. The waterfront displays ornate and decorative old world architecture like it is a show piece for the tourists. The date trees in full fruit give it a relaxed atmosphere.

This is an Embassy... um for which country... no idea!
Streets lined with... Dates!
Concert barriers... spoil the the views!

We stop for a visit to the Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque... behind large gates the Mosque is huge. A fountain dominates the front courtyard from the outside it is quite a lovely building.

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque!

As women we have enter by the side small inconspicuous entrance, segregation... not used to it! We have to take our shoes off and are given a number to collect them when we leave.

When you step inside a quarter of the Mosque is closed off for the women by a large wire fence draped with blankets so they cant see each other. I suddenly feel like a lessor person and we don't actually get to see any of the interior which we are told is quite grand!

Women stare at us and they aren't friendly looks, like we shouldn't be there, we have all covered our hair and aren't exposing our shoulders or legs... I feel very uncomfortable and very unwelcome.

I hand my camera thru the fence to one of the boys so he can take some photos for me. And as soon as I get it back I leave... I just can't stay any longer I feel so discriminated against.. I know they have their beliefs, but isn't the point of religion to promote community by welcoming newcomers, to spread peace and joy.. and what I felt was anything but!

Ornate Ceilings!
Quite beautiful!
Where the men worship!
Shame I never actually got to see it for myself!

Back at the bus I chat with the girls while we wait for the others, slowly everyone clambers on board. We have time to relax before we go the Alexandria library unsure of where to go we suggest the Movenpic cafe and so there is where we end up. Mo disappears to organize our entry to the library, while we enjoy iced caramel coffee goodness!

Coffee Break!

It is nice to relax enjoying the ocean breeze, fisherman float by in the early afternoon sun. I go for a wander along the waterfront enjoying the views!

Sea views!
Waterfront Artworks!

We drive to the Library, it isn't far... we could have walked! It is a modern building of metal and glass... I wonder what the old library looked like? We have to wait for a bit for it to open which gives us a chance to look around the exterior!

Library Exterior!

Finally the doors are open and WOW the inside is huge the circular design has a mezzanine level looks down into the center of library. It is the open floor plan is filled with modern artworks and glass cases. The rows of book shelves flow outwards. You have to go down to into the center where you find yourself looking up at a large staircase to more levels and more book shelves!

The Alexandria Library!

The artworks are a bit well odd but kinda cool... the machinery on display isn't something I am interested in really so I head up the stairs only to find it's all books and desks... pretty much just your typical library, I was kind of expecting to see more historical remnants from the ancient famous library on display.

Called the "Key of Life"

Wandering around the stacks I find the section on Hieroglyphics and browse for a while. I find one that has translations of each image and still can't figure out how to read them... I need to get me one of these books!

How to read ancient Egyptian!
The alphabet!

After an hour or so I head outside and sit on a garden wall waiting for the others. A group of teenage boys are being loud and rowdy proving they are the same the world over.

Finally everyone is accounted for and it is back on the bus for the drive back to Cairo. The afternoon has turned grey and dark and the long straight highway stretches before us, it is going to be a long drive!

I suddenly realize I still have my lunch box, that was provided by the hotel this morning. Fresh fruit and a chicken roll, I pick at it but the chicken roll sits heavily in my stomach... it doesn't taste right so I give it a miss!

We make it back to Cairo, the cats are there to greet us at the hotel so I give them my leftovers, waste not want not!

After dumping our bags I meet up with the girls and we chill in their room for a while!

We meet up with the group at a restaurant across the road for a final group dinner. Upstairs a table has been set up for us. I can't believe the trip has come to an end already. I have made wonderful friends! Had a blast with the wives of Mohammad!

The dinner is very nice I have my usual Kofta... not as good as the meal in Jordan, but still delicious! After dinner Tracy, Zoe, Hanny & I head down the road for coffee and end up in a doughnut cafe so we just have to try one!

Heading back to the hotel we say goodbye as some are leaving really early in the morning... I am going to miss these lovely ladies!

Once we are at the hotel we set up a group chat and promise to keep in touch.

Heading up to bed I feel tired and drained... I promise to meet up with the wives for breakfast for a final goodbye!


Oh good go no! Not again! I spend have the night on the toilet... Yeap... I knew that chicken roll didn't taste right!

Luckily for me my roomie is a doctor and she takes me over to the pharmacy across the road, I barely make it, the effort is strenuous my legs feel like lead but she helps me to get some medication.

I keep my promise and meet the girls for breakfast all I can manage is water and a little coffee. We say our farewells before they head out to catch their morning flight. I will miss them... you can never have too many friends!

At reception there is a mix up as I know I booked a late check out as my flight is at 11pm and I am told I can't stay in my room Mo tries his best but it is a no can do. Luckily one of the guys in the group is staying an extra night and has made plans to go out for the day so he lets me crash in his room for the day!

Bless his heart... I am not good at all. I try to nap, I have nothing in my system at all I am empty, so all I can do is drink water! I am thankful his TV works as sleep alludes me!

How am I going to deal with my flight tonight?

I rest the day away the medication I got from the pharmacy is helping a lot, the cramps have subsided.

At 8.30 I am on my way to the airport, I stare out the window watching Cairo pass by. Every bump in the road is painful... No problem, I got this... I think!

Luckily for me the driver isn't chatty... but he does drop me off at the wrong terminal! It takes every ounce of my energy to drag my suitcase to where I need to be, that is after I get lost and have to ask for directions from the airport security!

Finally... oh security at the front door, so I dig out my passport and make my way in! OK where do I go now? So this is confusing, signage people, where's the signage? It does help!

After wandering around the terminal I finally find my check in counter, luckily the line isn't too long as I am having trouble standing... all I want to do is sit down in a corner and suffer in silence!
Why is this taking so long... it actually isn't I am just grumpy! The staff are friendly and efficient, now with boarding pass in hand I head to security! Now that takes forever!

I am too tired and weak to shop so I head straight to the gate... why are they always such a long walk away? Good god are you kidding another security check!

Finally a seat and next to the bathroom... WHEW! I sit and try not to fall asleep don't want to miss my flight!

The boarding process is slow and feels like it is taking forever, but I have a great seat, aisle with extra leg room! I wrap myself in a blanket and fall asleep right after take off!

Goodbye Egypt!

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